CompArch/WICSA 2011 Industry Day Program

Wednesday June 22

  Stream 1 Stream 2
8:30 Industry Day Welcome
Paris Avgeriou (University of Groningen), Olaf Zimmermann (IBM)
09:00 Keynote: Ian Gorton (Pacific Northwest National Lab),
Cyber Dumpster Diving: Creating New Systems (that work)  for Less
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Tool Demonstrations Overviews
(6 presentations, 15 mins each)
Tutorial T3: Software Architecture for the Business Analyst,
Philippe Kruchten (UBC)
12:00 Lunch break
Tool demos (booth style) starting @ 13:00
13:30 Case Studies: State of the Practice (3 cases, 30 mins each)

Case study 1: Architecture Of The FAA En Route Air Traffic Control System ERAM, Tony Ng, Lockheed Martin Fellow, ERAM Chief Architect [Slides]

Case study 2: Component-based Development in the CESAR Project, Kung-Kiu Lau, University of Manchester [Slides]

Case study 3: Pirates Are Watching the Clouds: Three Applications of Formal Modeling to Modern Software Systems, Ethan Jackson, Microsoft Research [Slides]
Tutorial T4: Information Systems Architecture: Stakeholders, Viewpoints, and Perspectives,
Eoin Woods, Artechra, UK
15:00 Lightning Talks
15:30 Coffee break
Tool demos (booth style) finishing @ 15:30
16:00 Keynote: Michael Stal (Siemens CT),
Good Is Not Good Enough Ways To Evaluate And Improve Software Architecture
17:00 - 18:00 Panel: Agile and Architecture
Moderator: George Fairbanks
Panelists: Dean Leffingwell, Michael Stal, Philippe Kruchten, and Ryan Martens
Conference Dinner (CompArch & WICSA)