Working Sessions

(WS1a) Evaluation (Tuesday, 13:30–15:30)

Session chairs: M. Ali Babar (IT University of Copenhagen), Robert Schwanke (Microsoft)

  • Quantifying the Analyzability of Software Architectures, by Bouwers, Correia, Deursen, Visser
  • SOFAS: A Lightweight Architecture for Software Analysis as a Service, by Ghezzi, Gall
  • Analysis and Management of Architectural Dependencies in Iterative Release Planning, by Brown, Nord, Ozkaya
  • Exploring Approaches of Integration Software Architecture Modeling with Quality Analysis Models, by Dobrica

(WS1b) Stakeholder Concerns and System Qualities (Tuesday, 13:30–15:30)

Session chairs: Paris Avgeriou (University of Groningen), Michael Stal (Siemens)

  • A Runtime Resource-Management Framework for Embedded Service-Oriented Systems, by Newman, Kotonya
  • Evaluating Security Properties of Architectures in Unpredictable Environment: A Case for Cloud, by Faniyi, Bahsoon, Evans, Kazman
  • A Supportability Framework, by Pappu, Sukumar, Sheikh
  • The Need for a Multilevel Context-Aware Software Architecture Analysis and Design Method with Enterprise and System Architecture Concerns as First Class Entities, by Petrov, Buy, Nord

(WS2a) Achieving Qualities (Thursday, 10:30–12:00)

Session chairs: Eltjo Poort (Logica), Judith Stafford (Tufts University)

  • Towards Automation of Architectural Tactics Application, by Champagne, Gagné
  • A-3: an Architectural Style for Coordinating Distributed Components, by Baresi, Guinea
  • Handling Variability in Software Architecture: Problems and Implications, by Galster, Avgeriou
  • The Dutch Nationwide Electronic Health Record, Why the Centralized Services Architecture?, by Smet
  • An Agent-Based Software Architecture for A Multimodal Emotion Recognition Framework, by Gonzalez-Sanchez, Chavez-Echeagaray, Atkinson, Burleson

(WS2b) Viewpoints and Descriptions (Thursday, 10:30–12:00)

Session chairs: Henry Muccini (University of L’Aquila), Eoin Woods (Artechra)

  • Architecture Reconstruction of Medical Device Software, by Ganesan, Lindvall, Cleaveland, Jetley, Jones, Zhang
  • An Architectural Approach to Support Online Updates of Software Product Lines, by Weyns, Michalik, Helleboogh, Boucke
  • From Object-Oriented Applications to Component-Oriented Applications via Component-Oriented Architecture, by Allier, Sadou, Sahraoui, Fleurquin
  • Evaluating Simple Dependency Diagrams in Industry, by Savolainen, Myllärniemi, Männistö

(WS3a) System Creation (Thursday, 13:30–15:30)

Session chairs: Robert Schwanke (Siemens), Danny Weyns (KULeuven)

  • Dominion: An Architecture-driven Approach to Generating Efficient Constraint Solvers, by Balasubramaniam, De Silva, Jefferson, Kotthoff, Miguel, Nightingale
  • An Architectural Style for Liquid Web Services, by Bonetta, Pautasso
  • Patterns Transform Architectures, by Hafiz, Adamczyk, Johnson

(WS3b) Reasoning and Ontologies (Thursday, 13:30–15:30)

Session chairs: Remco de Boer (ArchiXL), Antony Tang (Swinburne University of Technology)

  • Software Architecture Documentation: The Road Ahead, by Tang, Liang, van Vliet
  • Capturing architecture documentation navigation trails for content chunking and sharing, by Su, Hosking, Grundy
  • Mature Architecting – A Survey about the Reasoning Process of Professional Architects, by van Heesch, Avgeriou
  • Architecturally Significant Requirements, Reference Architecture and Metamodel for Knowledge Management in Information Technology Services, by Miksovic, Zimmermann